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THE GREC FESTIVAL 2014: The best Catalan and Global theatre is here!

As we already told you in our latest May post, during the whole month of July you can enjoy the Grec Festival in Barcelona city.

If you have been walking around the city seeing the banners or if you are coming to Barcelona during this month, you must be questioning yourself what is this Grec Festival all about… Well, here you have the answers!



An international theatre, dance, music and circus festival, that has become one of the major attractions in Barcelona, taking place for the thirty-eighth time this year 2014.

The festival takes its name from its main venue, the Teatre Grecbuilt in 1929 on Montjuïc Mountain for the Universal Exhibition. Nowadays this open-air theatre has a linked programme along with some other theatres, cultural facilities and public spaces around Barcelona’s city.



The Grec Festival is only promoted by the Barcelona City Council, and no other public administration from the state is involved; rather, the shows are organised and produced by a large number of theatres and promoters.

The main aim of the festival is to stage the most outstanding works by Catalan artists and companies and as well, presenting all the most interesting shows from abroad year by year.

Indeed, the Grec Festival is Catalonia’s main promotion for works produced in the rest of the country and world, reason why the organizers have had to internationalize the event as much as possible during the last years.


carteles-historia-grecThis year the organizers have prepared an opener theatre (figuratively talking) with more participation options, with the will of causing sensations, stimulate the curiosity and transmit knowledge in a way that only the performing arts can do it.

If you want to check the whole programme, just click here!

Hope you enjoy!