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Festival of Gracia (Festes de Gràcia) Barcelona

Festes de Gràcia Arc la Rambla

Festival of Gracia (Festes de Gràcia) Barcelona

In today’s post, we will see one of the most awaited events of Barcelona:  Festes de Gràcia (Festival of Gràcia). The streets of Gracia are decorated with the most creative and original proposals: color, music, culture, and parties. They fill the neighborhood. Come and enjoy an unforgettable walk!

An oasis in the city

Until the 19th century, the current neighborhood of Gracia or Vila de Gracia was an independent municipality of Barcelona. It is located in the north of l’Eixample and is currently one of the most popular and bohemian squares of the city.

A wide gastronomic offer, crowded squares and numerous cultural activities place Gracia as the district with one of the most leisure areas of the city. However, sometimes it seems like a small village quiet and car-free. 

A contest among the streets of the neighborhood

One of the most characteristic elements of Gracia is its Fiesta Mayor, a contest that has been held for more than 200 years. This festival consists of decorating the streets of the neighborhood with different themes. 

The buildings, balconies and stores on each street are characterized in many different ways: from world cities, and music groups to famous movies.

For this purpose, the neighbors organize and work throughout the year to design and prepare their projects.

A colorful party

The event takes place at the end of August and lasts one week. It ends with the verdict of the jury that evaluates all the proposals and chooses the winning street.

It’s a great plan for a summer evening or night. Walking around the neighborhood, enjoying the most amazing decorations, having a drink and dancing at a concert. There are also many activities and almost all of them are free.

La edición de este año 

About this year’s edition 

This year the festivities return without restrictions and will be held from August 15 to 21. You will be able to see 23 decorated streets and more than 600 free cultural activities. If you are in Barcelona on those dates, you can’t miss it.