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Which are the best recipes of the Catalan gastronomy in winter?

Gastronomía Catalana

Which are the best recipes of the Catalan gastronomy in winter?

Catalan gastronomy has given us a great diversity of recipes that are known around the world. From Hotel Arc La Rambla we would like to recommend some of the most typical Catalan dishes so that you can warm up during the winter months:

1. Canelones

One of the most popular winter dishes in Catalan cuisine is without doubt the cannelloni. This recipe was introduced by Italian chefs from some of Barcelona’s bourgeois families at the end of the 19th century.

Today, it has become one of the most typical and renowned dishes of Catalan culture.

At the Estevet Restaurant, specialists in Catalan cuisine and located only 15 minutes walk from Hotel Arc La Rambla, you can enjoy this traditional Catalan recipe, an authentic culinary experience.

2. Escudella y Carn d’olla

Another of the most popular Catalan dishes for the cold winter months is “escudella” and “carn d’olla”, a very typical soup of Catalan cuisine.

The “escudella” is a broth that is obtained by boiling all the ingredients (chickpeas, sausage, potato …) along with the “pilota”, a large meatball that, once cooked, is served sliced to the guests.

It is usually prepared using “galets” a very characteristic Catalan type of pasta.

As it is a hot dish it is one of the best options when it comes to dealing with the cold in winter if you want to get into Catalan cuisine.

3. Suquet de Peix

You cannot talk about Catalan and Mediterranean gastronomy without mentioning “suquet de peix” (fish and seafood), since fish and seafood are, to a large extent, one of the main ingredients of Catalan cuisine.

Suquet de peix” is a typical dish of the seafood cuisine that is prepared with different fish, clams, crayfish, prawns, mussels and a sauce made with saffron that gives it an orange color characteristic of “suquet”.

4. Fricandó

The origins of “fricandó” date back to the Middle Ages, and it is one of the recipes that has lasted the longest in Catalan gastronomy.

It is a dish of veal stewed with mushrooms and flavoured with wine, with an intense and delicious flavour and an admirable simplicity. Its secret? A long cooking over a low heat that can last more than three hours.

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