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Boqueria market

Boqueria market

When we travel and visit a city we like to get into the daily life of its people and learn about their customs, which are their favorite places for leisure, its gastronomy and, in short, how they live.

There is no better place to discover the day-to-day life and culture of a city than to visit its markets. And in Barcelona, in the heart of La Rambla, you will find the Boquería Market. Noisy, with stands full of fresh food, natural juices of all kinds, gourmet products and an endless number of local shops that will offer you the best Catalan products with a smile.

More than 300 stands filled with history

The Boquería Market has been open since 1840, and it replaced an old convent. The location was ideal, as at that time La Rambla was already at the heart of Barcelona, a popular street full of shops and above all florists.

It is the largest market in Catalonia, an emblematic place to which the people of Barcelona come daily to their more than three hundred stands to buy fresh food. Even in and around it you can find bars and restaurants where it is possible to enjoy traditional food tapas surrounded by a very pleasant atmosphere.

As soon as you walk into La Boquería you can appreciate its colour and freshness, with fresh and natural juices and all kinds of fruit and dried fruit of the best quality. To enjoy a walk around the interior is to get to know the Catalans and their way of life.

The whole city of Barcelona revolves around La Rambla, and staying nearby is an ideal way to get to know it.