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The best viewpoints in Barcelona

Mirador de Barcelona

The best viewpoints in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that stands out for its vibrant cultural and cosmopolitan life. Strolling through its neighbourhoods, getting to know its main monuments, museums, history, theatre or relaxing on its beaches are some of the best ways to enjoy Barcelona.

But Barcelona is a city that surprises at a bird’s eye view thanks to its architectural structure and its privileged geographical location, located between the Collserola mountain and the Mediterranean Sea. Do you know where to enjoy the best views of Barcelona?

At Hotel Arc La Rambla we recommend you the following viewpoints.

Tibidabo Viewpoint

This is one of the most popular and visited viewpoints, but its views are highly recommended. It is located on the highest peak of Collserola Mountain and in the same place as Tibidabo Amusement Park. However, access to the viewpoint is free and offers 360 degree views of Barcelona, perfect for photography lovers.

In addition, it is possible to visit the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor (Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) from where your pictures will touch the sky.

viewpoints in Barcelona

Viewpoint of the Collserola Tower

If you don’t find the viewpoint of the Magic Mountain spectacular enough, you can go up to the viewpoint of the Collserola Tower. It is a public viewpoint also located in the Sierra de Collserola and 560 metres above sea level. As you would expect, the views of the entire metropolitan area of Barcelona are spectacular.

You can find all the information here.

Montjuïc Castle and Migdia Viewpoint

The Castle of Montjuïc, located in the highest part of the mountain of Montjuïc, offers good views of the coast of Barcelona and the entire port. In fact, the fortified enclosure served for centuries as a military installation.

On the other side of the castle wall, along the well-marked paths you will reach the Mirador del Migdia, another strategic point of interest to see the port area, the picturesque cemetery of Montjuïc and the city from another perspective. Sunset views are highly recommended.

Bunkers of Carmel

This viewpoint owes its name to the fact that in this hill were placed anti-aircraft batteries during the Spanish Civil War. They are located in the Turó de la Rovira and are accessed through the Parc del Guinardó. The views of Barcelona are also 360 degrees, with a romantic charm. And they are free. What could be better?

Viewpoint of the Sagrada Familia

The towers of La Sagrada Família, in addition to being one of the best known monuments in Barcelona, offer the possibility of seeing the city from different perspectives. Walking along its footbridge you will be able to contemplate the most representative buildings and with a very near vision.

Due to the great affluence of visitors, in Hotel Arc La Rambla we can inform you about rates and days to visit.

Park Güel Viewpoint

The Park Güell has in the Turó de les Tres Creus a magnificent viewpoint. There you can find a monument dedicated to the Calvary, where Gaudí intended to build a church, but finally built this architectural sculpture from where you can see the upper part of Barcelona.

Santa María del Mar

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar offers the chance to climb the towers and terraces of the building within your guided tour. It is a unique opportunity to see the Barri del Born from its most emblematic and spectacular monument. A trip to the past that you will not forget.

Finally, in Hotel Arc la Rambla we can inform you about all the places with spectacular views of Barcelona. Come and meet us!