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The best Burgers in Barcelona

Conoce las mejores hamburguesas que se pueden probar en Barcelona

The best Burgers in Barcelona

We present you a list with the best Burgers in Barcelona

Among the varied gastronomic offer in Barcelona, the burgers could not miss. Over the past few years, there have been lots of restaurants that have opted for the Gourmet Burgers to transform them into an art. If you are already eager to gobble a burger just by looking at the pictures, here is a guide with the best Burger places that you can find in Barcelona.


Its five bars in Barcelona are considered temples of Gourmet Burgers. Honouring the origin of their owners, Bacoa restaurants combine the atmosphere of the Australian burgers and the quality of Mediterranean ingredients, with a wide variety of meats, from which you can choose organic beef from the Pyrenees, Galician cow, marinated chicken, lamb, pork loin and even a vegetarian option made from chickpeas.

An eclectic proposal that you can accompany with high quality homemade products, among them you can find delicious gherkins, mustard or caramelized onion on a low heat for five hours.

Adress: Ronda Universitat, 31 / Av. Del Marqués de l’Argentera, 1 / Carrer del Judici, 15 / Carrer de Ferran, 10 / Carrer de Colomines, 2


Timesburg cuenta con hasta 8 hamburgueserías en Barcelona

The Timesburg also offers its exquisite burgers in its 8 restaurants in the city.  Its best weapon is a wide variety of burgers (up to fifteen in total) for every taste and pocket. Do you like strong taste cheese? You got the roquefort burger. Would you prefer Italian food? Well, you have La Massimo with dried tomatoes, rucula and parmigiano. And if you like strong emotions, the DF burger, with a light spicy touch from Mexican food (200 g of meat, chipotle chili, cilantro, cheddar, Jalapa chili, shredded nachos and lettuce). It will make you fall madly in love with one of the best burger bars in Barcelona.

Adress: Carrer de París, 95 / Carrer de Pujades, 168 / Carrer del Moianés, 75

Woki Organic Market

El Woki ofrece unas exquisitas hamburguesas y otros productos totalmente ecológicos

In this restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona, the vegan cuisine is in perfect harmony with tapas, woks, pasta, rice dishes, pizzas… and organic meat burgers that will drive you crazy. You can combine them with almost anything you want! For dessert, you will find it impossible to choose between their homemade cakes and irresistible chocolate brownies (if you doubt, the always friendly Berry and Júlia will be happy to help you).

With a smooth looking on every detail, the restaurant recreates market stalls with a common approach of local, healthy, ecological and quality food.

In addition, the Woki is also a supermarket where you can buy a wide variety of fresh or packaged products 100% organic.

Adress: Ronda Universitat, 20

Telephone: (+34) 93 302 52 06


El Oval ofrece hamburguesas de carne de Nebraska

In the Oval they make it easy for you. You decide the type of meat (impossible to resist their burgers made of Nebraska meat), bread, ingredients and salsa while enjoying an “indie” atmosphere in its spacious, elegant and bright locale. In addition, you can accompany your creation with exquisite fries, seasonal sweet potatoes and a wine.

Adress: Carrer València, 199

Telephone: (+34) 930 102 647

La Royale

La Royal es una de las hamburgueserías con mayor prestigio de Barcelona

The concept of gourmet burger brought to its perfection. The recipes created by chef Paco Pérez, who has several Michelin stars in his career, offer meats and ingredients from the 5 continents, including Japanese, Irish, Argentinean and even Chinese duck hamburgers.

In addition, La Royale has a wide variety of exquisite accompaniments to share and a carefully prepared selection of gin and tonics.

Adress: Plaça del Camp, 5

Telephone: (+34) 93 254 73 93

Peggy Sue’s American Dinner

El Peggy Sue's tiene una decoración típica de una hamburguesería americana de los años 50

Almost at the beginning of Balmes Street, in the Eixample neighborhood, you will find this restaurant whose menu and decoration will make you feel as if you were in an American movie of the 1950s. In addition to its tasty burgers, Peggy Sue’s offers you its sweetest side through pancakes, waffles, delicious shakes and homemade cakes.

They also have a menu of the day, a take away option and, for more originality, a juke box to play the music you like.

Adress: Carrer Balmes, 24

Telephone: (+34) 933042094

Pim Pam Burger

Nearly hidden among the narrow and charming streets of el Born is one of the treasures of burger culture in Barcelona: the Pim Pam Burger. Its powerful home-made burgers (from the classic burger to the always tasty barbecue, including an incredible 3 cheeses) find their ideal contrast with the crispy and tasty fries.

They also offer a vegetarian option with feta cheese and tofu whose flavour would approve even the most carnivorous.

Adress:  Carrer Sabateret, 4

Telephone: (+34) 93 315 20 93

Santa Burg

Santa Burg es uno de los templos de la hamburguesa gourmet en Barcelona

Lead by renowned chefs Alain Guiard and Xavier Pellicer (owner of two Michelin stars), the main protagonist of Santa Burg is the gourmet burger, made with old cow meat subjected to a maturation process known as “Dry Aged”.

Also, in this cosmopolitan restaurant you will find a great variety of tasty burgers of beef, pork, chicken and even salmon (in addition to a vegetarian) to adapt to the taste of every client.

Also, you can’t miss their fresh salads and starters like nachos, guacamole or Nuggets.

All paired with a refined selection of cocktails, both classic and signature, and a highly recommended wine list.

Adress: Carrer València, 273 / Carrer Vallespir, 51

El Filete Ruso

La hamburguesería Filete Ruso es una de las más elegantes de Barcelona

This elegant restaurant located in the Eixample district has been dedicated in body and soul to the gourmet burger since 2010, with almost luxury proposals from products of proximity and first quality in harmony with its gastronomic concept of slow food.

In this sense, the meat used to make the burgers is organic and comes from a family farm in the Catalan Pyrenees. They also offer beef burgers, poultry chicken and a vegetarian option based on ganxet beans, rice from Pals and mushrooms. A total of 14 barbecued burgers that complement each other perfectly with their impeccable companions, homemade desserts, imported beer and wine list.

Adress: Carrer Enric Granados, 95

Telephone: (+34) 93 217 13 10


We have finished this post with a bit of hunger. What about you guys? If you have any questions or need any clarification, ask our staff. We will be happy to help you!