The “pintxos” (part 2)

The tapas and pintxos are a portion of traditional Spanish cuisine that you should taste when you visit our country. If you like quality and innovation food, don’t hesitate to try them!

Last week, we proposed you a quick gastronomic getaway to the two most famous Basque restaurants of Barcelona. Now, we advise you another Basque restaurant that you should visit, and on the other hand, an alternative and bustling route by a busy district. Let´s go!

To begin with the third best Basque restaurant, we suggest you the Euskal Etxea Restaurant, which nestles in the touristic side of Born, exactly between Plaza Cataluña and the Barceloneta. It is an ideal place for you to be close to the culture and the Basque gastronomy. From our hotel, you can go walking and in just ten minutes you will arrive to the Euskal Etxea Restaurant.

In addition to this, and as if it wasn’t enough, we recommend you a pedestrian area, where you could taste a lot of Spanish pintxos and tapas too. So if you are keen on bars with terraces in a lively atmosphere, you should head for Poble Sec, an area situated between Montjuïc and Paral·lel. It is a within walking distance to us, just going for a walk during fifteen minutes. This district houses about 15 welcoming bars with a wide variety of affordable pintxos and tapas, and furthermore, they are one next to the other. But pay attention… you will have to go before 23h!

Do you want to taste this Spanish delicacy? The bar counters don´t finish never! Come on and tell us what is your favourite pintxo or tapa and what do you like more!