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How to live Easter traditions in Catalonia

All the country at these dates throws into Easter traditions. You could see a lot of traditions like processions and religion ceremonies in all along Spain and above all in Andalucia (south of Spain). In Catalonia is quite different and we are going to explain it to you. Continue reading!

Catalonia Easter is not as in the rest of the country. You are not going to find processions but you will find a “Mona” or the famous Easter Eggs. During the lessons almost all children are doing workshops painting Easter eggs and they enjoy it a lot. Mona is the best known tradition in Catalonia. It is a kind of cake with different flavors decorated with chocolate Easter eggs, color feathers and Easter chicks (you will better understand it in the image bellow).



The tradition says that every godfather has to bring a “Mona” to his godson on the last Monday of the Easter week. This day all the family is having lunch together in a house or in a picnic (this part of the tradition is decreasing). When all the people finish their lunch the godfather bring the “Mona” as a desert and all the children start shouting and fighting for the most beautiful color feather or the bigger Easter chick.

If you are in Barcelona these days, don’t hesitate to try this cake, it’s delicious!