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Barcelona with kids: Top 10 Best Family Plans to do in Barcelona

Barcelona ofrece una gran variedad de actividades para niños para pasarlo en grande en familia

Barcelona with kids: Top 10 Best Family Plans to do in Barcelona

We present you a guide with the best Family plans to enjoy with your children in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city to have fun with your family. There are a lot of activities to learn, have fun and in the end, enjoy as a child. Although it is difficult to collect all of them in a list, here are the main activities that you can enjoy in Barcelona with your children.

1. Animals in the zoo and the Aquarium

With more than a century of history, Barcelona Zoo offers the chance to see tigers, lions, elephants or primates in danger of extinction. In addition, in the space of the Children’s Zoo, the kids can take a ride on a pony and meet domestic and farm animals.

For its part, the Aquàrium offers the chance to discover the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea without needing to get wet. Besides exploring the Oceanarium with about 11,000 fish and other 450 different spices, in this immense water park (touring its tunnel of more than 80 meters is priceless) the most intrepid parents can dive between sharks and the young  children can stay for camping on an unforgettable night next to the sharks.

En el Aquàrium de Barcelona los niños pueden dormir entre tiburones

It also has a kid’s area to celebrate birthday parties and different kind of activities to discover the underwater world.

2. Learn and have fun at Barcelona museums

Barcelona has a wide range of museums ideal for children. These are some of the most outstanding:


Who said that science can’t be fun? The striking modernist building of CosmoCaixa has all kinds of exhibitions and interactive activities so that children (and not so children) learn the secrets of science while having a great time.

In CosmoCaixa you will find collections of botany, insects, meteorites and even fossils of dinosaurs. But the star is the flooded forest, an impressive reproduction of an Amazon rainforest of more than 1,000 square meters that houses species such as the capybara (the largest rodent in the world), alligators, birds, anacondas, leaf-cutting ants, poisonous frogs and more than 100 plant species.

El museo CosmoCaixa de Barcelona cuenta con un espectacular bosque inundado

In addition, CosmoCaixa offers its visitors a geological wall, a 3D planetarium and a wide range of temporary exhibitions.

Museu de la Xocolata

The Museu de la Xocolata (museum of chocolate) immerses its visitors on a sweet journey through the history of cacao (its origins, the arrival in Europe, etc.) while admiring chocolate figures carved by pastry chefs.

In addition, at the exit, you can taste chocolate with melindros (Ladyfinger) typical from Catalunya and buy almost any kind of chocolate in a shop that is a paradise for chocolate lovers.

Museu Blau

Located in a large building of 9,000 square meters, the Museu Blau offers a journey through the evolution of the planet Earth and its species.

The visit begins with pictures that recreate the Big Bang, showing the creation of the universe and the formation of the continents. A few steps later you will enter the tunnel of time to discover the history of the planet from the moment in which the first living beings appeared.

Finally, it is the turn of the exhibitions that illustrate what our planet is today, and enables visitors to discover the fascinating and diverse world of fossils, animals, plants, algae, fungi, microbes, rocks and minerals.

Museo de las ilusiones

Surely your children or even you have dreamed of being inside a painting of Dalí or Picasso, celebrating a goal-scoring with Barcelona players or being the hero on your favourite movie or TV show… In the Museum of Illusions you can make it happen through visual games and optical illusions. For a moment, you will be able to visit fantasy landscapes or become the star of fictional universes.

A unique photographic project in Europe in which each stage is specially designed so that the visitor, playing with perspective and optical illusions, immerse himself in the scene and get the best photography giving free rein to his imagination. Do not forget the camera!

3. Excursion to Catalunya en miniatura and Bosc Animat

About 20 minutes from Barcelona by car you will find one of the largest miniature parks in the world (which is quite a paradox). Travelling around 35000 m2 you will feel like Gulliver discovering la Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral of Girona, La Pedrera and other buildings and landmarks of Catalonia through 150 scale models 1:25.

Within the same theme park you can also enjoy el Bosc Animat, a forest full of adventure activities for all ages that offers you the opportunity to lose yourself among trees, climb logs or hang from a zip line.

4. Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol will allow you to discover, in a single space, the essence of the architecture, traditions and art of all Spain through real sized reproductions of typical buildings from different regions of the country.

The site was built on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1929 and is not only an authentic open-air museum, but also a small village itself where there are organized workshops, performances for children and a multitude of activities throughout the year.

5. El Tibidabo

El Tibidabo ofrece atracciones increíbles y unas magníficas vistas de Barcelona

What could be more fun for the young children than an amusement park? Tibidabo, one of the oldest in Europe, stands the test of time thanks not only to the fun of their attractions, but also thanks to the great panoramic views of the city that offers from almost every part of the venue. In addition, you can enjoy an extra entertainment by going up with the funicular.

6. Camp Nou Experience

En el Camp Nou Experience los niños podrán acceder a los lugares más emblemáticos del estadio

If your children are Barcelona fans or their room is full of posters from Neymar, Iniesta or Messi, you can’t miss the Camp Nou Experience. A tour through the most emblematic parts of the stadium such as the changing rooms, the players’ tunnel, the press area, the trophy room and even the field and the first team dugout.

In addition, the museum visit will allow you to discover why FC Barcelona is more than a club for its millions of fans.

7. Parks and gardens to enjoy nature

Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the corners with special charm in Barcelona to visit with your family. With large green areas where you can relax or have a picnic (it is the largest park in the city with about 18 hectares of extension), it has a lake in which you can take a pleasant boat ride, a spectacular waterfall and a huge sculpture of a mammoth that will make the young children go crazy.

Park Güell

El Park Güell es una de las principales atracciones turísticas de Barcelona

For its part, in Park Güell you will feel like in a fairy tale. The stairways with its iconic dragon, the hypostyle room, the Nature Square or The Austria Gardens, are just some of the jewels where Gaudí used his talent to meet the modernist architecture with the nature.

8. Font Màgica de Montjuïc

Another mandatory stop for the family. With its free show of lights, colour, music and water the Font Màgica de Montjuïc has become an icon of Barcelona and one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

9. Giant slides

Barcelona has a large number of playgrounds with huge slides, a dream come true for the young children.

One of the best known is in the Parc Diagonal Mar, a beautiful and original park where you will find many different slides with different heights and sizes.

For its part, the giant toboggans in Montjuïc and the children’s playground at Tibidabo guarantee hours and hours of fun while enjoying great views of the city.

BBarcelona cuenta con varios parques con en los que los niños pueden lanzarse por enormes toboganes

The brave kids can face the fury of the dragon in the Parque de l’Espanya Industrial. Through its three slides you can travel through its jaws, its huge wings and the tail that falls at the foot of the lake that presides the park.

10. Find the exit in Laberint d’Horta

The park of the Laberint d’Horta upgrades the gardens to the level of a museum. Its name comes from a wonderful labyrinth of cypresses from the 17th century that seems to have been brought from a fairy tale and was the setting for the movie El Perfume.

Los niños lo pasarán en grande encontrando la salida del Laberint d'Horta

An architectural wonder where you can have fun with the children trying to find the exit.

Besides these 10 wonders that we have presented, you can also enjoy Barcelona beaches and swimming pools if you visit Barcelona in summer and the magic of the Christmas markets and the Three Wise Men parade during Christmas time. And many more activities, ask our staff if you need more information!