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Fashion Documentaries in Barcelona: Moritz Feed Dog 2019

Fashion Documentaries in Barcelona: Moritz Feed Dog 2019

Do you like documentaries and are also passionate about fashion?

You’re in luck if you visit Barcelona this weekend.  The Aribau cinemas, which are just a short walk from La Rambla, present the Moritz Feed Dog 2019 festival.

You will find documentaries about the life of mythical designers such as Coco Channel, Chiristian Dior or McQueen.

Do you want to know more about this festival?  Keep reading this post and get ready to go to the cinema this weekend.

Discover the life of legendary designers

The festival begins with Guo Pei, the most famous Chinese designer. She has managed to change the perception of ” low cost ” Chinese fashion with her spectacular exhibitions. In addition, well-known people from all over the world have trusted her for their dresses, as well as politicians and members of the fashion industry.

You can’t miss the documentary about Coco Chanel, a fashion myth. Her life was thrilling, an orphan raised among nuns who created an empire. Do you know she was a spy? You’ll discover aspects of her life that you wouldn’t imagine.

Who doesn’t know the great Ives Saint Laurent? He didn’t have an easy life because of fame. The pressure to which he himself submitted prevented him from enjoying his greatness. You’ll get to know his more personal side.

Christian Dior changed the way women dress. His extravagant and innovative designs caused a sensation all over the world, changing the concept of women’s fashion.

This is just a selection of great documentaries about famous designers that you will find at the festival.


Fashion in another time

It is a good opportunity for you to discover fashion in other times and how the political situation influenced it.

Il Patto della Montagna connects fashion with the situation of Italy in the Second World War, an interesting perspective.

Or fashion in Paris in the 50’s, pure high fashion. This city became the fashion capital of the world, the best artists offered spectacular designs.

If you stay this weekend in the surroundings of La Rambla, visit the festival and know the life of the great mythical fashion.