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Discover the hidden courtyards of Barcelona

Patios interiores de Barcelona

Discover the hidden courtyards of Barcelona

Many of the octagonal blocks that were built according to the designs of the Cerdá Plan had interior courtyards that, over the years, were given other uses. However, the city has been recovering some of these spaces for the public, whether they be parks, gardens or squares, for both leisure and social use.

Torre de les Aigües

It can be accessed from Carrer Roger de Llúria, 56. In 1987, the Barcelona City Council expropriated the land and turned it into the first interior of the Eixample to be recovered as a public space. The buildings and a chimney were demolished, the tower (which at the time supplied water to the first buildings in the Eixample) was restored and a pond was built.

During the summer months, they set up a communal swimming pool which is called the Eixample beach.

Jardins d’Interior d’Illa de la Casa Elizalde

They are located at number 302, Carrer València, between Pau Claris and Roger de Llúria. This old building from the 19th century has an interior patio that still conserves remains from that period.

Jardins de Montserrat Roig

At number 488 Rosselló Street, in the Sagrada Familia district, you can find this extensive interior block. It can be accessed from Rosselló and Provença streets, between Cartagena and Dos de Maig.

In the past, all the trains of the old Damm factory were located here. Today, it combines children’s play areas and a lot of green space.

Jardins de Manuel de Pedrolo

The gardens were inaugurated in 1997 and can be accessed from number 459 Diputación Street or from the Plaza de Fort Pienc itself. Located between Diagonal Avenue, Lepanto, Diputación and Marina, they have a children’s play area for children under 5.

Jardins de Cèsar Martinell

They are paved on one side with red paving stones and have a large row of benches to enjoy the sun, green areas and a children’s play area protected from the sun by the trees.

It is located on the left side of the Eixample and can be accessed from number 60 Carrer Villarroel.

Jardins de Helena Maseras

Near Hospital Clínic, at 163 Rosselló Street, also on the old left side of the Eixample, is this space which also has a children’s play area.

Jardins de Mercè Vilaret

In the Sant Antoni district you will find this small and cosy garden, accessible from Floridablanca 141, which also has a children’s play area.

But there are many more! If you want to know the whole list of interior courtyards available to be visited, the Barcelona City Council has a website where you can find all these hidden spaces.

It is possible that some of these inner courtyards are closed due to the current situation of pandemic by Covid-19. We recommend you to visit the Barcelona City Council website to see the latest information about it.