Cheap and cute restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is not the cheapest city in Spain and neither in Europe. Is quite expensive visit the city without spending a lot of money having lunch in the city center. And also, is more difficult to find a cheap restaurant which is not shabby. That’s why we are doing this post, here you can find three places in the Barcelona city center which are cute and also cheap.

1. Las Fernández

In the hearth of El Raval, one of the most popular and modern districts of Barcelona, we found the first restaurant of our election. Three sisters have created this original restaurant and decorated with typical for Almodovar’s movies red color.

2. Tarannà

A vintage boutique restaurant in Sant Antoni, located between Montjuic and El Raval. Tarannà is a simply combination of wood and white walls which make this restaurant a special place. You can find a small terrace as well, low music and dim light.

3. La Taquería

La Taquería is a mexican restaurant very close to La Sagrada Familia. They are tacos’ specialists, we recommend you to try the ‘Taco pastor’. This restaurant is characterized by a lot of colors and flowers; it is a modernist and a good place to eat in Barcelona.

Here, you have some ideas to eat in Barcelona for a low price and a very good service comparing quality-price. Don’t hesitate to try one of these places and tell us about your experience. Also, keep the secret!