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The best live music venues in Barcelona

Barcelona está plagada de locales en los que disfrutar de conciertos de música en directo

The best live music venues in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of bars and clubs where you can enjoy exceptional music in a unique, warm and (almost always) cheap way. If you are a live music lover, you cannot miss our guide with the best live music venues in Barcelona.

Bars, pubs and restaurants with live music in Barcelona

Harlem Jazz Club

Address: Calle de Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8

Just 5 minutes walk from Hotel Arc la Rambla you will find the Harlem Jazz Club, one of the most traditional live music venues in Barcelona.

Despite its name, this sanctuary of live music programs, in addition to excellent jazz and blues concerts, Brazilian music sessions, funk and even flamenco, you can’t miss it!

 London Bar

El London Bar de Barcelona ofrece una combinación única de espectáculos de circo y de música en directo

Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 34

Also very close to the hotel is this centenary bar, which reopened its doors in 2018 (it was closed in 2017) to offer the public a perfect combination of cuisine, variety shows (including circus) and live music that have made it a referent in Barcelona since its opening in 1910.

Throughout its history, the London Bar has been a meeting place for artists, writers and circus lovers. World-renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Antoni Gaudí, Ernest Hemingway, Antonio Machado, Carlos Gardel, as well as great circus artists such as the acrobats Frediani and Lluís Raluy Iglesias have all performed at the venue.


En el Milano puedes disfrutar de un delicioso cocktail mientras escuchas un concierto de jazz de calidad

Address: Ronda de la Universitat, 35

This prestigious and elegant venue offers a travel to the 30’s every night from 8.30pm onwards with its careful decoration, its cocktails that look like they came out of Hollywood movie and a wonderful musical proposal that focuses mainly on jazz, but also includes swing, blues and R&B.


El Heliogàbal es el local ideal para disfrutar de música independiente de calidad y en directo

Address: Calle Ramón y Cajal, 80

One of the cultural epicenters of Gràcia district and of Barcelona in general, this music bar has hosted more than 4,000 concerts of a broad variety of styles since its opening in 2001.

The venue belongs to the Heliogàbal Cultural Association, which was founded in 1995 to “develop and promote the artistic and cultural activities of the neighbourhood”, so that, in addition to concerts, it also hosts poetry events, painting and photography exhibitions, book presentations and audiovisual projections, among other activities.

The Philarmonic

The Phlarmonic es un típico bar inglés en el que se escucha música en directo de calidad

Address: calle Mallorca, 204

This British pub in l’Eixample claims (and with reason) to be one of the best places to listen live jazz in Barcelona. Every Friday and Saturday the piano of the Philharmonic dances to the rhythm of the double bass on the stage in a venue where you can also taste English specialities accompanied by drinks served in the purest British style.

Little Italy

En el Little Italy puedes escuchar música en directo mientras degustas la exquisita cocina italiana

Address: Calle Rec, 30

Located in the heart of the Born since 1988, the Little Italy is the only restaurant in the city that allows you to enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine with a jazz concert as an excellent backdrop.

All in a place that mixes the bohemian charm of the neighborhood’s restaurants with the experience of two decades of serving food and drinks to the rhythm of jazz.

Sala Monasterio

La Sala Monasterio es uno de los locales de referencia en Barcelona

Address: Moll de Mestral, 30-31

If you feel like listening to auteur music, you can’t miss the Sala Monasterio, which offers the opportunity to new singers and bands from a wide variety of genres: blues, rock, jazz, funk and even reggae. In addition, the venue also promotes the folklore of different countries by organizing evenings of local music.

Clubs where you can listen to live music in Barcelona

Sala Apolo

La sala Apolo es uno de los templos de la música en directo en Barcelona

Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113

Perhaps one of the best known concert venues in Barcelona and a true paradise for lovers of live music without labels, the Apolo stage is home to emerging and renowned figures of pop, rock, folk and international electronics on an almost daily basis.


Address: Calle Pamplona, 88, first floor.

One of the most popular and famous clubs in the city, Razzmatazz has five different spaces: rock and indie music at Razz Club, techno and house at The Loft, techno-pop at Lolita, electro and pop at Pop Bar and electro-rock at Rex Room.

In addition to the DJ sessions, there is an excellent proposal of live performances, which in its long history has included artists as diverse as Arctic Monkeys, Dorian, Calvin Harris and Banarama.


En Jamboree han tocado grandes figuras del jazz internacional

Address: Plaza Real, 17

If you’re looking for a place that breathes jazz from all sides, the Jamboree is your best option. With more than half a century of history, its stage has seen young talents and myths such as Chet Baker, Bill Coleman, Kenny Drew, Art Farmer, Lou Bennet, Stéphan Grappelli, Kenny Clarke, Cecil Taylor, Elvin Jones and Al Fos Gordon, among many others.

A cultural reference point in Barcelona where you can listen to all styles, from vocal jazz to jazz fusion, as well as other Afro-American genres such as blues and gospel.


Sidecar es un local de referencia en la música underground de Barcelona

Address: Plaza Real, 7

This underground temple of indian rock has been shaking the Barcelona music scene since 1982, offering almost daily concerts by independent groups and DJ sessions that have made the Sidecar a reference for lovers of underground music in the city.

We have proposed a list of the best live music venues, to which you can also add the Marula Café, the BARTS hall, the Luz de Gas and many more… Don’t hesitate to ask our staff if you want more information!