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San Jordi’s Day in La Rambla

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San Jordi’s Day in La Rambla

Imagine to visit Barcelona on a festive day, full of joy and with the streets full of people. A day in which La Rambla brings out its charms and the people of Barcelona decorate it in a very special way.

That day is today, the day of San Jordi, patron saint of Catalonia. Every 23rd of April La Rambla de Barcelona is a non-stop place for people who go to the many book and rose stands to make a gift to their partner or any friend or family member.

If you’re lucky enough to stay in the area around La Rambla, you’ll bring an unforgettable memory with you.

Roses everywhere

With every step you take, you’ll see a stand with flowers. You will cross a corner and discover a lady selling fresh red roses. Or boys and girls with decorated flowers to raise money for some solidarity purpose. There are also professional flower stands decorating their posts for this special day.

Walk along La Rambla and its surrounding streets, discover your favourite flower and give it to a loved one.

World Book Day

Sant Jordi is a day to vindicate the importance of reading. Booksellers cover the heart of Barcelona with their stands full of books for everybody. Let yourself go and find the book that will delight the person you love.

Both the new releases and the old books that nobody remembers, all have room in this day in which culture is present in all the streets of the city.

A festive day in which the Catalans vindicate their culture and traditions and, of course, invite everyone to participate in it.

Stay in La Rambla and enjoy the heart of a city full of life that opens its doors wide to all its visitors.