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Petritxol street: the best hot chocolate in Barcelona

Petritxol street: the best hot chocolate in Barcelona

Petritxol street: the best hot chocolate in Barcelona

Petritxol street: the best hot chocolate in Barcelona. In the heart of the Gothic Quarter is one of the most popular, charming and bustling streets in Barcelona, a must for those who want to enjoy the city from a different point of view. This is Petritxol street: a corner full of chocolate shops where you can enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Do you want to have the best hot chocolate in Barcelona? Go to Petritxol street. Read the blog of the Hotel Arc La Rambla to know the history of this sweet corner.

Petritxol Street 

Petritxol street is one of the oldest and most emblematic streets of Barcelona. It is located in the historic center of the city, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, just a few minutes walk from the Plaza de Catalunya and La Rambla.

This narrow cobblestone alley is full of little shops and small establishments offering all kinds of handicrafts. In addition, you can find restaurants, bars of all styles and nightlife.

Although there are many reasons to visit this famous Barcelona street, there is one element that makes it special and a very popular destination: its chocolate shops.

The Chocolate Shops of Petritxol Street

The chocolate shops on Petritxol Street are an obligatory stop for chocolate lovers. These traditional stores sell chocolates of all kinds, pastries, cakes, desserts and sweets of all kinds, but undoubtedly, the most popular product is the hot chocolate served in a cup.

A cup of hot chocolate: an unforgettable experience

Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in a café on Petritxol Street is a very typical custom among locals. There are different ones scattered around the area and all of them serve delicious sweets, so it is difficult to choose just one

mejor chocolate caliente calle petritxol

However, if you ask a person from Barcelona which is the most typical place, they will surely answer: Granja Dulcinea. In addition, they will advise you to order “a Swiss”, the classic hot chocolate with cream on top.

A perfect plan to warm up on a cold winter afternoon in Barcelona. It is also the perfect excuse to discover the Gothic Quarter.

An afternoon in the Gothic Quarter 

The Gothic Quarter is great for strolling around and getting to know the city from another perspective. There are many tourist attractions nearby: historical monuments like the Palau de la Generalitat; baroque buildings like the Palau del Lloctinent and of course, art galleries and museums like the Picasso.

For all this, Petritxol street, with its unique blend of history and culture, sightseeing plans, good gastronomy and tasty hot chocolates, has become a must-see destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the sweetest Barcelona. 

Visit it and enjoy a unique experience for the senses! 

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