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Mona de Pascua – Traditional Easter Recipe

We are delighted to share with you all this delicious Easter treat that is famous here in Catalunya. It can be prepared in a variety of ways with an assortment of delicious fillings and toppings depending on the individual’s taste preferences. Whatever you choose, you will absolutely love it!

This cake is usually baked around the week of Easter or also known as Semana Santa here in Catalunya. Bakery shops all over the city of Barcelona take special orders from families making each pastry something unique. Local families typically celebrate this holiday by the godparents giving the mona, or the cake, to their godchildren. The traditional version of the dessert is made by placing hard boiled eggs in the dough. Hard boiled eggs? It may sound a bit odd, but the eggs actually represent the age of the child, usually until he or she celebrates their first communion!

The more modern method of preparing this cake involves chocolate and a lot of vibrant colors. The cakes nowadays are topped with nuts, candied fruits, or chocolate, with chocolate eggs (instead of the hard boiled) with colorful feathers and figurines of baby chicks! Although this style is preferred amongst the younger crowd, bakeries make sure that the traditional cakes are also readily available before Easter Sunday!



Here’s one last fun fact: the word mona means gift in Moroccan and literally translated from Spanish means Easter cake!

Below you can find the full recipes for both the traditional and modern Mona de Pascua cakes. Hope you enjoy and have a happy Easter with friends and family!







Enjoy your yummy moment! 😉