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Good environmental practices for a more sustainable tourism

Good environmental practices for a more sustainable tourism

Last year we announced that Hotel Arc La Rambla became part of the group of entities with the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment to Sustainable Tourism. Today, in line with our commitment, we present you with a set of good environmental practices for a more sustainable tourism, which you can put into practice on your next trip to Barcelona or any other destination.


Energy saving

Turn off lights that are not necessary and make the most of natural light. Something that many of us usually do at home, but when we are on holiday we relax and don’t think about it. In addition, in our rooms with a view of La Rambla it is a real pleasure to put it into practice and let natural light into the room.

It is also important to keep the doors and windows closed when using the air conditioning.


Water saving

When we are on holiday, we also tend to relax with the use of water. For responsible tourism, we recommend our guests to use water responsibly.

It is also important that you let us know if you detect any leaks, drips or other anomalies that you find. Not only for your comfort, but also because you will be helping us to detect and repair these problems much earlier.


Waste management

It is important to separate waste and if in doubt, ask the staff. Although selective waste collection exists in many countries, it may not be done in the same way in all of them.

Another practice you can do for more sustainable tourism is to avoid printing unnecessary documents. In addition to having your documents available on your smartphone, you can ask for invoices or other documents to be sent to you by email.



More sustainable tourism also means being respectful towards the destination or other people staying at the hotel. For this reason, we recommend to our guests to speak in a moderate tone and use the television at a volume that does not disturb others when they are in the hotel. Or even gestures as simple as closing the doors gently.


In future posts on the Blog and on our social media, as well as publishing interesting information about Barcelona, we’ll also be making space for sustainable tourism. Don’t miss it!