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The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona cuenta con una oferta cada vez más amplia de restaurantes vegetarianos y veganos

The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona

Discover our guide with the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona

The offer of vegan and vegetarian restaurants is constantly growing in Barcelona with a wide variety of healthy, tasty and stimulating proposals. If you want to feast on first quality vegetables and fruits, we offer you a list of the most outstanding vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city.


Address: Carrer del Palau, 5

Phone: +34 93 318 69 26

El restaurante Rasoterra fue uno de los pioneros de la comida vegetariana en Barcelona

Are you one of those people who think vegetarian food is boring? Rasoterra will break your schemes with its innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes, made with seasonal products grown in its own garden.

A gastronomic experience that varies depending on the time you go to eat. At noon you will find a delicious and inexpensive menu, where you can choose between one, two or three different dishes that are far away (for good) from the typical vegetarian food.

At nightfall, Rasoterra displays a wide range of vegetarian dishes from all over the world, including delicious homemade pasta, seaweed ceviche and vegetables from the coast of Porto Muiños or aubergine stuffed with pistachios, chard and lemon with crunchy buckwheat. All accompanied by an excellent wine and organic beer list that will make your palate vibrate.

Teresa Carles

Address: Calle de Jovellanos, 2

Phone: +34 93 310 25 99

El restaurante Teresa Carles fusiona a la perfección la comida vegetariana y vegana con la tradicional

With more than a quarter of a century of history, the Teresa Carles has become in its own right a temple of vegetarian cuisine in the city.

Its original and varied menu runs away from radicalism, blending perfectly signature cuisine, the vegetarian cuisine and the traditional cuisine (essential is its Aranese pot with pilota and vegan black sausage).

Another of the hallmarks of Teresa Carles is the customizable salads, in which the customer can choose the ingredients he wants. An ideal starter for its incomparable croquettes, eggplant millefeuille, Catalan beans and many more delicacies. Don’t miss it!


Address: Carrer dels Escudellers, 54

Phone: +34 93 317 3331

La mayoría de los platos del restaurante Vegetalia están elaborados con sus propios productos

Initially dedicated to the production and distribution of organic products in Catalonia, in 2007 the owners of Vegetalia decided to open two restaurants (now there are three) that have become a reference for vegetarians in Barcelona.

In Vegetalia they use their own organic products and transform them into tasty and imaginative dishes adapted to the vegetarian, vegan and celiac public, among which stand out the nuggets of tofu and shiitake mushrooms, lasagna de seitan, tempeh and spinach, veggie burgers, pizzas and irresistible desserts.

El Café Blueproject

Address: Calle Princesa 57 bis

Phone: +34 932 68 38 67

El Café Blueproject fue el primero restaurante raw vegan de Barcelona

It was the first raw vegan restaurant in Barcelona and continues to be an earthly paradise for raw food lovers. With food that is 100% ecological and local, you can enjoy its creative menu as well as delicious dishes such as cosmic pizza and vegetable-filled cannelloni.

Veggie Garden

Address: Carrer dels Àngels, 3

Phone: +34 931 80 23 34

The decoration of Veggie Garden is as original and colourful as its culinary offer, which includes dishes of Nepalese and Hindu origin made with organic ingredients. Among its star proposals are hummus, mussaka and delicious banana and chocolate juices and shakes. Quality products at reasonable prices (also include a daily menu) in one of the most alternative restaurants that you can find in the Raval district.


We must not forget the Dolce Pizza y los Veganos (which lives up to its name with the best vegan pizzas in Barcelona) and the Ale&Hop restaurant, which besides offering vegetarian food has a reserved spot in our post about the best breweries in Barcelona.

So far our best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona. If you need more information, our staff is at your disposal to help you in everything you need. Do not hesitate to ask us!