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What to do in Barcelona? MIBA, the museum of good ideas

Museo Miba en Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona? MIBA, the museum of good ideas

A mop with a built-in microphone, a pre-crumpled paper to write curriculums, or a pot that moves by itself looking for the sun… these are just some of the crazy designs that can be seen in the Museu d’Idees i Invents de Barcelona (MIBA), the only one of its kind in the world.

But the MIBA is much more than just a collection of curious or humorous inventions. This center, launched by the inventor and creator Pep Torres in 2011, is also an engine for innovation and a meeting point that joins entrepreneurs around the world and companies. In addition, the center also serves as a training platform.

Located in a privileged environment in the heart of Barcelona, MIBA has a very original and avant-garde staging which converts the building itself into an invention.

For the skeptics, you can look through a periscope inside the museum, to decide if it is worth or not to buy the ticket.

Once inside, a giant slide connects the two floors of the building under the slogan “Sometimes in life you have to throw yourself.” The restrooms have screens that broadcast videos of the comedians El Tricicle when they detect your presence and there’s a resonance zone that allows the visitors to hear the echoes of their own ideas.

Five exhibition areas

The museum has five exhibition areas that seek to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship among the visitors, as well as many smiles.

The “Fotour, a tour in the future”, awarded with the prize Ciutat de Barcelona in 2006, proposes an imaginary journey through the everyday objects that we will presumably use in 2300

The exhibition “Absurd Space” includes a collection of “useless and absurd, but very funny” inventions. These include socks with an ID to keep the couple after washing, a taxi-umbrella or fluorescent dog food to see their droppings.

Paraguas-taxi en el MIBA de Barcelona


But not everything in the MIBA is humor and laughter. The SL section presents inventions made by individuals, companies and technology centers to become a showcase for independent creators.

Likewise, “Reflexonarium” proposes a look at the world through someone else’s eyes with a series of inventions that will invite you to reflect. Auto-adjustable glasses, a filter intended to help distill water in third world countries, a mug of coffee with space to place cookies or a dustpan with a comb to remove the fluff from the broom without getting your hands dirty.

Finally, the MIBA reserve a space for temporary exhibitions featuring the latest trends in invention and creativity.

The museum also has a shop in which are sold the most outstanding inventions and a training center that organizes courses for entrepreneurs, seminars, conferences and workshops.

A place for young inventors

minMiba enBarcelona

How many children have dreamed of being inventors? The MIBA makes their dreams come true through the mini MIBA, a space in which children from 5 to 12 years can draw an invention and deposit it in an urn.

Each month the museum selects the top three inventions that, besides receiving a patent for his invention, have the help of a professional team to build a prototype. At the end of each year the MIBA presents these inventions around the world in international fairs and museums.

Visit the MIBA and let your imagination run free in a museum unique in the world. Fun and entertainment are guaranteed. And who knows? Maybe you will find some motivation to implement your ideas and projects!