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Visit museums online: Learning without leaving your home

Visit Museums Online with Hotel Arc La Rambla: National Museum of Art of Catalonia

Visit museums online: Learning without leaving your home

These days at home are the ideal opportunity to read pending books, start that TV series you couldn’t see due to lack of time, learn to cook new recipes, watch movies and even visit museums online. That is why, from Hotel Arc La Rambla  we want to introduce you to the websites of some of the most famous museums in Barcelona so that you can continue learning without having to leave the living room:


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona is one of the most renowned cultural facilities in the city.

During these days it will remain closed, but it continues to offer quality cultural content through its website where you can find audios, videos, artist files, works, texts, publications and exhibitions.

In addition, they have a Radio Web Brand, a cultural podcast of their own with more than 300 chapters.


The National Museum of Art of Catalonia has also wanted to share its digital catalogue to be able to make cultural tours from the web.

From the MNAC website you can visit collections related to Romanesque medieval art, Gothic medieval art, Renaissance and Baroque, modern art, drawings, engravings and posters, collections related to photography and numismatics.

In addition, as they have reported, they will continue their activity on the blog and social networks, so you will have the opportunity to visit the museum from home and live an unforgettable experience.

3. Caixaforum

Caixaforum hosts exhibitions of all kinds. Contemporary art, history, photography… That is why, if you are looking for variety, you can choose to visit the website, the blog and its social networks, where you will find interesting cultural content to keep you learning.

4. Cosmocaixa

If instead of a cultural visit you prefer to enter the wonderful world of science, Cosmocaixa is the perfect alternative.

Visit its website and its social networks if you want to know curious facts about the fauna that inhabited the Earth during the Miocene era, the secrets that the universe hides or how the future of humanity will be when people and robots live together. 

These are some of the alternatives that we propose from Hotel Arc La Rambla if what you want is to visit online museums. Use these days at home and do not stop learning!