Top 5 places from Arc La Rambla

Park we choose: well, Barcelona has lots of parks, like Güel or lovely Ciutadella. But we know one that not everyone person visit it by it’s location. Don’t do it! Parc del Laberint located in Horta district, and just 15 min from city center by metro. Place you will definitely enjoy the beauty of gardens and the main “pearl” the labyrinth, famous by the Perfumer movie. Nice for a picnic family picnic as well. And may be the most important note: there are no many people.

To have a tapas after visiting Parc del Laberint we adviced you to pass by our favorite tapas bar situated close to the metro Vilapicina (yeah, not the central place, but who said that the best is only in the city center?). But we are 100% sure that Esquinica will stole your heart with its familiar atmosphere and the classical tapas. This familiar business is known by locals from 60’s, so imagine how they care about traditions.  For those who prefer visit this place at night and especially the weekend, we recommend you come earlier or you could wait about an hour. But be patient, once you are in, they will treat you like a family.

Barcelona means eat a lot of sea food. And we know a charming locale La Paradeta where you serve what your eyes could see and “eat” for one super ridiculous price.  And here you can learn how it works inside.

Do you like brunch as we do? So welcome to the famous Federal Café. Super “cookie” place with a little garden on the 3rd floor and delicious food!

With children: we know that all or almost all little creatures like sweets, right? So in Barcelona we know one perfect place for your candy childWe pudding is a charming place and when you are inside it seems you are Alice in the Wonderland. But not only have the decorations made this café so nice! The multitude of handmade cakes and quiches..Oohhh!!!