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Oktoberfest Barcelona 2022: the Beer Festival is coming back

Oktoberfest Barcelona 2022: The beer party returns to barcelona

Oktoberfest Barcelona 2022: the Beer Festival is coming back

On October 5 began the ninth edition of Oktoberfest Barcelona, the most famous beer festival in the world. The festival is held at the Fira de Montjuic and besides drinking, you can enjoy traditional Bavarian music and gastronomy.

Don’t miss today’s blog to know all the details of the event.

From a royal wedding to the

In October 1810, Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen and Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria were married. The future kings invited the citizens of Munich to celebrate the royal wedding and the celebration lasted five days.

The festival was a great success and year after year it was repeated until it became what it is today: the most important beer festival in the world. The Oktoberfest, October party  in German, has become so popular that different cities around the world, such as Barcelona, have decided to have their own version, based on the Bavarian tradition. 

Where is Oktoberfest Barcelona 2022 celebrated?

The Oktoberfest is held in a 6,500 m2 tent located in the Univers square of the Fira de Barcelona, in Montjuïc. In previous blog posts, we had already talked about this area of the city as being full of tourist attractions, such as the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) or the Miró Museum.

It was a key point in the 1992 Olympic Games, so you can visit some of its scenarios: the Picornell Pools, the Olympic Stadium or the Palau Sant Jordi.

It is a part of Barcelona where you can spend the day sightseeing, what better way to end a day of sightseeing with a good beer? 

What is the schedule of the Oktoberfest in Barcelona?

The festival lasts 12 days, from October 5 to 16. It opens its doors every day at 5 pm except on weekends when it opens at 12 noon. Closing time is at 11pm except Fridays and Saturdays, which ends at 1am.

In previous editions, the queues to enter the event went around the enclosure, the entrance is free and the capacity is limited, so the organization of the event allows you to secure a place by reserving a table, however, this option was sold out long before the festival started.

The best time to go will depend on the type of party you are looking for. Weekend nights are the most euphoric, many people attend and the party is unbridled. If you are looking for a family atmosphere, you should definitely go on weekend mornings, besides Wednesday 12th is a public holiday and the Oktoberfest is open all day. 

What is the atmosphere at the Oktoberfest?

The atmosphere at the Oktoberfest varies quite a bit depending on the time of day. This event has become very popular among young people, so it is very common for it to be full of groups of university students or dorm mates.

However, they are not the only ones who come to the beer fest. It is also common to see work colleagues after work; birthday celebrations or bachelor parties; and groups of friends, tourists and locals.

What does the party consist of?

This celebration has three pillars: beer, gastronomy and German music.


Half-liter or liter mugs are served, and you can choose between 3 types of beer: larger, wheat or toasted. There is also a non-alcoholic and gluten-free option.


The culinary offer is wide. You can taste traditional Bavarian dishes such as currywurst, baked knuckle, Nuremberg-style sausages or strudel.


What would a party be without music? Traditional songs are the star of the party, but late into the night, the DJ plays current tunes until he announces the closing time.

Tell us about your experience

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