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Curious things about Barcelona: 5 things you might not know

Cosas curiosas que ver en Barcelona | Hotel Arc La Rambla

Curious things about Barcelona: 5 things you might not know

Today in our blog we tell you 5 curious things you might not know about some of the places you’re going to see in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most visited destinations in Europe thanks to its wide range of tourist attractions: museums, monuments, gastronomy, parks and gardens, beach, pleasant climate… But in a city with so many tourist attractions, small details and curiosities that will make your visit much more special are often overlooked.

The Canaletas Fountain

Located on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas (very close to our Arc La Rambla), you will find the Canaletas fountain, a mythical location where Barça’s victories are celebrated.

Tradition has it that if you drink the water from this fountain, you will return to Barcelona.

Tibidabo, Barcelona’s amusement park

Barcelona has its own amusement park located on the highest peak of Collserola.

At Tibidabo you can not only enjoy its attractive and incomparable views over the city of Barcelona, ​​​​you can also see the replica of the first commercial plane that flew over Spain in December 1927, a red plane with which Iberia made the first flight from Barcelona to Madrid.

Where is Columbus’ finger pointing?

The statue of Christopher Columbus, located at one end of Las Ramblas, is undoubtedly one of the most famous in the city.

Did you know that there are 64 sculptures of Columbus around the world? The one in Barcelona is the largest of them.

Although many people assume that Columbus’ finger is pointing in the direction of America, in reality it is pointing in the direction of Genoa, his hometown.

Gaudí’s mathematical games

One of Gaudí’s best-known works is undoubtedly the Sagrada Familia.

There are many curiosities about this monument (its construction is financed entirely by donations, its main tower is the tallest building in the city…).

One of the least known is located in the form of a magic square on the Passion façade. Be sure to look for the curious table with 16 numbers engraved on it. If you add up its rows, columns and diagonal, you will always get the same result… the number 33 (the age of Jesus at the time of his death).

The Torré Eiffel was never offered to Barcelona

There is a legend in Barcelona that the famous Eiffel Tower was offered to Barcelona for its World Exhibition before being built in Paris and that the city council rejected the project.

It has recently been demonstrated that this legend is totally untrue and that the famous monument was never likely to be located in Barcelona.

More curiosities and things to see in Barcelona

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