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The best Catalan cuisine restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona cuenta con una gran cantidad de restaurantes de comida catalana de gran calidad

The best Catalan cuisine restaurants in Barcelona

We offer you a guide with the best Catalan cuisine restaurants in Barcelona so that you can be seduced by the delicious and varied local gastronomy

In addition to the diversity of the Mediterranean cuisine, with its exquisite rice dishes, meats, vegetables and seafood, Catalan gastronomy incorporates its own dishes that can make any diner go crazy for it, such as la escalivada (typical Catalan salad with onions, tomatoes, peppers and roasted eggplant), els calçots (a type of scallion), el pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato), la butifarra (a type of sausage), el bacallà a la llauna (delicious codfish) and a long etcetera. So that you can enjoy these local delicacies, we present you a list with the best Catalan cuisine restaurants in the city.

The 7 most popular Catalan cuisine restaurants in Barcelona

1. Can Culleretes

El restaurante Can Culleretes es el más antiguo de Barcelona

Address: Carrer Quintana 5

Phone: (+34) 93 317 30 22

A classic among Barcelona’s restaurants, Can Culleretes is listed in The Guinness Book of Records as the oldest restaurant in Catalonia and the second one in Spain.

Built in 1786 in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, the restaurant maintains the essence of a traditional tavern thanks to its classic decoration and a menu in which you will find practically all the typical products of the Catalan cuisine. They also have a wide offer of fresh and top quality seafood, coming directly from the nearby market, La Boquería.

Among the specialties of the house are the cannelloni of brandada de bacallà (emulsion of codfish), la escudella i carn d’olla (a traditional Catalan soup and stew), the Catalan pork with raisins, prunes and pine nuts, the ham hock with red pine mushrooms and desserts such as Catalan cream or Cottage cheese with honey.

In addition to the gastronomic proposal, the walls of Can Culleretes have become, over the years, an authentic museum where you will find pictures of artists, writers, athletes and other famous people who have eaten there.

2. 7 Portes

El restaurante 7 Portes fue inaugurado en 1836 como un café de lujo

Address: Pg. Isabel II, 14

Phone: (+34) 933193033

When you cross any of its seven doors, which give name to the restaurant, you will discover a magnificent place that opens its doors from one in the afternoon until one in the morning.

An uninterrupted service for you to enjoy a wide offer that includes from seafood to sausages, Catalan specialties like butifarra with beans or the fuet (dry cured sausage). In addition, the 7 Portes offers an extensive list of wines that include the best ones from Catalonia, including the delicious cava.

Inaugurated in 1836 as a luxury café, 7 Portes became a meeting place for politicians, journalists and intellectuals from the 1930s (around 50 Nobel laureates and artists such as Picasso, Miró and Plácido Domingo have visited this place), which were attracted by its delicious food and the beauty of its building, declared of national interest.

3. Restaurant Agut

El Agut es uno de los restaurantes más representativos de la gastronomía catalana en Barcelona

Address: Carrer d’en Gignàs, 16

Phone: (+34) 933 15 17 09

An institution in Barcelona and one of the most representative restaurants of the city and Catalan culture. This place maintains the bohemian, intimate and familiar atmosphere that has characterized it since its inauguration in 1924. It has a beautiful classic decoration in which stand out an impressive collection of paintings.

In the restaurant Agut you can taste grilled meats, original sepia burgers with cassava and zucchini chips or “suquet” of monkfish with prawns, among many other specialties. You’ll be immerses in a charming and genuine journey to the past ideal to discover the roots of the most authentic local cuisine.

4. Ca la Nuri Platja

Restaurante Ca La Nuri

Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta (playa del Somorrostro)

Phone:  (+34) 932 213 775

Ca la Nuri turned on the stoves more than 50 years ago and is one of the gastronomic referents in the city. You can taste a seafood cuisine made with fresh products from the market (where they go every day to choose the best fish) and delicious seasonal rices that vary according to the season.

In addition, the restaurant offers the service of a sommelier to suggest about the right wine to match with every dish.

Besides, Ca La Nuri Platja has a sister restaurant in Eixample district, which is also specialized in traditional Catalan food.

5. Bodega La Palma

La bodega La Palma combina la cocina tradicional catalana con toques más modernos

Address: Carrer de la Palma de Sant Just, 7

Phone: (+34) 933 150 656

Inaugurated in 1935 as a grocery store, during its almost centennial career has been an improvised theatre and also a meeting place for artists and intellectuals. Today, it maintains a varied and bohemian public, in tune with an eclectic menu in which they combine traditional Catalan cuisine with more modern touches and a wide assortment of wines and cavas.

Among its delicious dishes you can find croquettes, Blood sausage with applesauce, torrijas with hazelnut praline or kefir ice cream.

In addition, its huge barrels, marble tables and typical wooden stools make Bodega la Palma one of the most charismatic and charming spots in the center of Barcelona.

6. Restaurant Julivert Meu

El restaurante Julivert Meu se ubica en el barrio Gótico de Barcelona

Address: Calle Bonsuccés, 7

Phone:  (+34) 93 318 03 43

Another compulsory stop in the Gothic Quarter is the restaurant Julivert Meu where you can taste the best homemade and traditional Catalan cuisine with a very good value for money and a cozy atmosphere.

The menu includes cold meats and cheeses, grilled meats, escalivada, escaixada (consisting of pieces of raw cod, tomato, onion, pepper, olives and a dressing based on olive oil, vinegar and salt), fillet of beef with garnish or Catalan cream.

7. Restaurant Ferran

El restaurante Ferran es conocido por sus deliciosas paellas

Address: Calle Ferran, 24-26

Phone: (+34) 935 005 585

Located between La Rambla and Plaça de Sant Jaume, the restaurant Ferran offers a classic and elegant atmosphere where you can enjoy tasty tapas and a magnificent menu where the speciality are the rice dishes (don’t miss their paellas), fishes and seafood.

The place is divided into two floors, with a bar area and two comfortable dining rooms, ideal for groups and with an uninterrupted service.


These are just some of the most outstanding Catalan cuisine restaurants in Barcelona (most of them very close to the Hotel Arc La Rambla, but there are many more) Do not hesitate to ask our staff if you need more information!