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What to visit in Montjuic

What to visit in Montjuic

At one side of Barcelona, on the Mediterranean seashore, rises the mountain of Montjuic. At 173 metres above sea level, it can be seen from almost any part of the city. Few people know the meaning of its name: "Mount of the Jews". This is due to the fact that there was a large Jewish cemetery in this area in the 14th century. The populationof Barcelona who professed this religion was quite numerous, until they were finally forced out. It still preserves certain historical remains that deserve to be visited to know the importance that this mountain played in other periods, however, nowadays it is visited mainly for its gardens and for the charm of having been the Olympic Venue.

An impressive castle

Visiting the Montjuic castle is highly recommended if you want to have a good view of the city. Above the sea you can see the immensity of the Mediterranean and the port at the foot of the mountain. The entire coast can be seen from the castle, as well as the
whole city.

Built initially in the seventeenth century has been renovated, maintaining a good appearance today. It is a small fortress on which it is possible to enjoy a pleasant walk.

Olympic Venue

The 1992 Olympic Games were a big boost for the city of Barcelona and Montjuic became one of the venues. It is possible to visit the Olympic Stadium, the Palau Sant Jordi, the swimming pools Bernat Picornell, the INEFC and the Municipal Pool of Montjuic, as well as other sports facilities.

Shows, concerts and all kinds of celebrations are frequently held in the different venues throughout the year.

The Poble Espanyol (literally, Spanish town)

A picturesque place where you can walk between recreations of streets and squares that are typical of Spain, an ideal way to get to know the atmosphere in which thousands of people from this country live. You can even find bars and restaurants that perfectly recreate the leisure and lifestyle of many people.

The large gardens

The visit to Montjuic cannot be complete if you do not walk through its gardens. There are many of them, worth discovering, almost all of them were first built at the beginning of the 20th century. The gardens of Joan Maragall, del Umbráculo, de Laribal, del Mirador de Migdia…
These are just some of them, it is better not to talk about them: get lost in them and discover a unique landscape.

Stay at La Rambla in Barcelona and visit the Montjuic mountain.