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New Year’s Eve Traditions

2014 is coming! If you are planning a trip for these days, why don´t you celebrate New Year´s Eve in Barcelona? It is a perfect city to spend your holidays: lively atmosphere, Christmas decoration, temperate climate…

In general, we start by dinning in family or with friends, and the night continues in bars, pubs, dance halls…  When it is twelve o’clock sharp, we have one grape for each peal, one for each month of the year while you make a wish. If you eat the twelve grapes, it will fulfil. You could go eat the grapes in the open air at Plaza Cataluña, Torre Agbar or at Plaza España.



When the time has passed and digestion was made… the New Year´s Eve could´t finish without delicious hot chocolate and fritters!

On the other hand, there are several curious traditions, don´t hesitate to do it in Barcelona to have a new year with good luck! Take note:

To attract good luck, you must wear red underwear the 31st night. Furthermore, if you want to attract money, you must put a golden ring in a wineglass, put money in your shoes or wash your hands with cava and sugar.

If you want a new year with a lot of trips, you have to take off the suitcases in front of your door. However, if your wish is to fall in love in 2014, the ritual consists of light white, red and green candles until they turn off.

So, if you want to start put your best foot forward, come to enjoy the New Year’s Eve night with us!