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Let’s picnic in Barcelona

Spring is here, the sun is sunshine and everybody wants to go outside to enjoy the good weather. These months are perfect to organize a BBQ or to do a picnic in a camp and in Barcelona we have excellent locations to do this kind of things. We would like to present you 3 spaces where you can have fun and make picnic, take note!

Ciutadella Park



Ciutadella is the most famous park of Barcelona famous for its fountain and its lake. There is a fantastic option to enjoy the good weather in the city, spread the blanket and eat your homemade lunch.  Later you can take a walk through the park where you can see a lot of artist doing some juggling, stunt and all kind of dancing and besides you can sail in the lake. Ah, we have to give you an advice, take care of your personal things because thieves are common in that area.

Joan Maragall Garden (Montjuic)

This garden is situated in Montjuic, between the Olympic Stadium and the National Palace. The Albéniz Palace is located in that garden and it was the residence of the Real Family during their visits to Barcelona. It’s beautiful to do a picnic in that park because you can find a lot of ponds and some sculptures that are very curious to see.

Palau Pedralbes Garden



You will probably find a lot of students in that garden because is situated in a university area and the students, tried for their lessons or between class and class, usually go there to take a break.  It’s the perfect environment to have a good time laying on the grass and eating your delicious picnic.