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Bruno Cuadros House: Umbrellas and dragons on La Rambla de Barcelona

Casa Bruno Cuadros | Hotel Arc La Rambla

Bruno Cuadros House: Umbrellas and dragons on La Rambla de Barcelona

It is known that La Rambla is one of the most frequented pedestrian points of the city of Barcelona for its charm and for the amount of cultural, leisure and gastronomic options it houses. At the same time, in this busy avenue we can take a trip back in time through curious details that speak of the history of the capital.

On the meridian of La Rambla, specifically at number 82, on the corner of Pla de la Boquería, Cardenal Casañas street and Pasaje de Amadeu Bagués, stands one of the most curious facades of the main artery of Barcelona, the Casa Bruno Cuadros, one of the architectural gems that can be found in the district of Ciutat Vella.

Japanese and Egyptian art living together in perfect harmony

Although the building was built in 1858, it was not until 1883, with the remodeling of the facade by the architect Josep Vilaseca (known for having designed the Arc de Triomf) that it began to gain relevance. The renovation was commissioned by Bruno Cuadros, who had his umbrella store located on the first floor of the building. As his business expanded, he decided to gradually acquire the 3 houses in order to increase the total surface area.

A closer look at the façade reveals an eclectic representation of different architectural styles. On the upper floor we find elements of Egyptian inspiration, with a series of columns that take us back to the era of the pharaohs and the pyramids.

Bruno Cuadros, as a lover of Japanese art, asked Josep Vilaseca to integrate some identifying elements of Japanese culture in the facade of his building. The architect thus incorporated a dragon holding a lamppost and an umbrella. And not only that, at the height of the mezzanine there are also some fans in relief and three Ukiyo-e prints of different colors with Japanese everyday scenes.

The Civil War, a turning point

During the Civil War, one of the darkest periods in the history of Barcelona, La Casa de los Paraguas was on the verge of ending up in rubble. In one of the multiple bombings that the city received by Franco’s air force, a bomb hit the building. Fortunately for everyone, the bomb did not explode, but it did cause some damage to the facade on Cardenal Casañas street.

The Bruno Cuadros House today

In 1980 the facade of the building was renovated to house a bank. Despite the uproar generated by the lack of tact in protecting certain characteristic elements of the building, over the years it has managed to restore the original polychrome, fans and Japanese figures to ensure that they maintain all their splendor. With more than 130 years of history, La Casa Bruno Cuadros continues to amaze passers-by with the mixture of styles that its facades house. Its central location, very close to our hotel, makes La Casa dels Paraigües an almost obligatory stop if you visit Barcelona. If you decide to stay at Hotel Arc La Rambla, our reception will be happy to provide you with all the information you need about all kinds of leisure alternatives that you can do in the city.