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The sweetest Barcelona: the 7 best patisseries in the city

Descubre la Barcelona más dulce con las mejores pastelerías que puedes encontrar en la ciudad

The sweetest Barcelona: the 7 best patisseries in the city

Barcelona is a paradise for chocolate lovers. The city is full of places where you can enjoy this exquisite and addictive pleasure. Do you feel your mouth water just thinking about it? We propose an exciting tour around the sweetest Barcelona in which you will discover the best patisseries you can find in the city.

Where to find the most delicious cakes in Barcelona

Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum offers a journey through the history of cocoa (its origins, its arrival in Europe, etc.) while you admire chocolate figures sculpted by master pastry chefs. In addition, on your way out you will be able to buy different varieties of chocolate in a shop that is an earthly paradise for the most greedy.

The best artisan patisseries in Barcelona

Escribà Pastry Shop

La pastelería Escribà se ubica en la Rambla, muy cerca del Hotel Arc

Just 5 minutes walk from the Hotel Arc, in the heart of Las Ramblas, you will find the Escribà pastry shop, perhaps the most famous in Barcelona and a national reference.

In its beautiful modernist restaurant (which is worth a visit by itself) you can enjoy many varieties of chocolate, as well as dreamlike cakes such as a Sacher cake with a dispenser of caramel drops, a cake of cheese and lemon in the shape of a small dome or a crunchy cake of white chocolate.

Chök. The Chocolate Kitchen

In the five Chök stores in Barcelona you will find everything from truffles to muffins, delicious chocolates from Belgium, France and Switzerland, wafers and even chocolate salami and olive oil with chocolate.

La pastelería Chöck es famosa en Barcelona por sus deliciosos chocolates

But the specialty of the house is the chök, a gourmet doughnut (with less sugar, less fat and less frying time) bathed in chocolate offered in up to 30 varieties.

If you’re vegan, their shop at 26 Ramellers Street specialises in this type of product.

Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer es uno de los maestros pasteleros más reconocidos de Barcelona

One cannot talk about bakery in Barcelona without mentioning Oriol Balaguer. Both in its stores in Las Corts and Sarrià and its very elegant boutique in El Born (La Xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer, in Calle de la Fusina) you will fall in love with its sophisticated sweets, cakes, chocolates and chocolate bars which you can customize to your liking by choosing from more than 60 toppings.

Sils Cakes. American Pastry

La pastelería Sils Cakes está especializada en pasteles al estilo americano

In this coquettish pastry play with all kinds of colors, flavors, aromas and textures to offer American-inspired cakes capable of maddening the most demanding palates.

Among their 50 kinds of cakes include the oreo, nutella cookie and cheescakes of 20 different flavors.

La Pastisseria

La Pastisseria está liderada por Josep María Rodríguez, campeón del mundo de pastelería en 2011

Headed by Josep Maria Rodríguez (world pastry champion in 2011), in La Pastisseria you’ll fall in love with his delicate creations such as Rosa de Sant Jordi (a red cake in the shape of a flower that hides a chocolate mousse with a spongy vanilla interior), Dolç (hazelnut mousse with a crunchy biscuit and caramel glaze), the pure chocolate cake and the spectacular I Love Xoco.

Chocolates Amatller

La Cocolateria Amatller está ubicada en el edificio del mismo nombre, una de las joyas del modernismo en Barcelona

One of the oldest chocolate makers in Barcelona (they have been making it since 1797), in this delicacy shop you will find authentic treasures such as amatllons (toasted and caramelised marcona almonds, covered with white chocolate and pure cocoa powder), chocolate flowers filled with cava or leaves of different varieties of cocoa.

In case your offer of chocolates is not attractive enough, the place is on the ground floor of Casa Amatller, one of the jewels of modernism in Barcelona that is part of what is known as the Apple of Discord.

Takashi Ochiai

Since the store opened three decades ago, the Japanese master Takashi Ochiai has brought to Barcelona the most select and exquisite of Japanese pastries, such as mochis (a typical Japanese sweet made from a mass of pressed rice and filled with different flavours such as green tea, cherry, red bean, etc.) or dorayakis.

It also offers more local options such as croissants (won the award for Best Artisan Croissant Butter in 2014), cakes, chocolates and truffles.

So far our review of the best pastries you can find in Barcelona. If you want us to give you more information or even suggest a pastry shop that should be on our list, don’t hesitate to ask our staff, we’ll be delighted to help you!