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What the Three Wise Men do…

Where you in Barcelona on the 5th of January and saw the arrival of the Kings? Don’t you which Kings are we talking about? What was all the fuss yesterday on the particular houses and on the streets?

Let us clear it up for you! 😉

The Three Wise Men, also known as Magi from the East, traditionally is the name given to the visitors that came after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth from foreign countries, in order to honor him and deliver rich symbolic gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh.


In some countries the Magi from the East arrive the night before the Epiphany bringing gifts that the children have asked in his letters during the previous weeks.

In the case of Barcelona, on January 5th the Three Kings arrive in the afternoon at the Port of Barcelona and perform a route through the streets of the town before arriving home. Afterwards they will have some rest before starting his magical evening.

In Spain, it is also a tradition that the Christmas presents are brought by the Three Wise Men during the early morning from the 5th to the 6th of January, competing with Santa Claus, that is getting used now to come to Barcelona due to the influences in other cultures.

Before that, children should send a letter to the kings listing the gifts they want and all the merits and reasons why they deserve them.


To finish it, the night of January 5th, children leave their shoes somewhere in the house, next to the door or next to the window, along with some sweets, cookies, water or milk. Not only for the Magi but for their camels as well! Once they wake up, they find their gifts next to the tree or next to the shoes. In case of bad behavior, the Three Wise Men use to leave a “sweet coal” to teach the lesson that you have to behave in order to be rewarded.

On January 6th is a holiday in Spain, and both adults and children are all morning opening gifts and sharing joy with family and friends.

It is usual to have after lunch the cake known as “Roscón de Reyes”-  Puff pastry cake or brioche, crown shaped that can be decorated with candied fruit and cream filling, marzipan or other ingredients.-

In Spain these roscones usually contain two figurine, popularly known as “surprises” These surprises are two: One is a hard bean and the other is a representation of one of the Magi in miniature.

In this way, the person who found the king within his part of the cake has to be crowned, and the person who finds the hard bean will be in charge of buying the roscón the following year (or pay the same year).


Did you know all that? Enjoy a Three Wise Men day with us next year! 😉