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The Three Wise Men are coming this weekend!

The atmosphere is full of magic, hope, nerves and happiness, above all among the youngest of the house while they are excited waiting for the Three Kings arrival.

According to the New Testament, the Three Kings are magicians guided by a star, and who brought gifts to Jesus. The Twelfth Night procession is a typical parade in Spain, where the Three Kings, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar give sweets to the children. Melchor has hair and beard white, Gaspar is blond and Balthasar is the black King.



The Twelfth Night procession is celebrated the 5th January afternoon. The Kings will arrive may be by sea, and then they will go for a walk before distributing the gifts all over the city. Some weeks before, children sent a card to the Three Kings and order the gifts that they would like to have.

At night, the children should go to bed early and the next day, they have some of these gifts in the Christmas tree. The tradition says that if you were a bad person that year, you will not receive gifts, only sweet coal.

Besides the gifts, the 6th January all the families have “Roscón de Reyes” for breakfast, a delicious cake with a little surprise inside of the pie. The person who find the figure of the King will have a great year… Will you be the lucky one?