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La Mercè Barcelona 2014: Enjoy the festival as locals do!

La Mercè, but I’m sure that you knew it beforehand, is the annual festival of Barcelona’s city.

Even though the festival has been celebrated since the Middle Ages when in 1687, it has been an official city holiday since 1871, when the local government first organized a program of special activities in the feast day of Our Lady of Mercy, La Mare de Déu de la Mercè in Catalan.

Actually, next to Arc La Rambla Hotel, you will be able to find the basilica dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, just a five minute-walk from Columbus Statue.

Although the actual feast day is September the 24th, the festivities begin a few days before.

This year, from the 19th to the 24th of September you will be able to find non-stop activities, shows and concerts; and to experience as well some of the wonderful Catalan traditions as Castellers (human towers)Gegants i capgrossos (Giants and Big-Heads) and the famous correfocs (Fire run).




Today Friday 19th of September (and actually Saturday and Sunday as well), from 16:00h you will have free entrance to the Sagrada Familia if you reserve your tickets on the official website www.sagradafamilia.cat.

This could be a good start for the enjoyment of the festival.

The same 19th of September, at 19:50h you will find in Plaça Sant Jaume a typical dance of giants, big-heads and beasts inaugurating the celebration of La Mercè.



On the 20th of September, there’s an exhibition of the famous Catalan Dragons starting and ending at Plaça Sant Jaume. This exhibition will start at 21h; nevertheless, you won’t see any fire on this parade (why do we say that? Keep on reading… ;))


The next day on Sunday the 21st, after enjoyed our wonderful breakfast in the hotel, you can arrive easily to Plaça Sant Jaume to see the human towers, or Castellers, that will be performed at midday, 12h.


The same day you will be able to enjoy one of the best Correfoc of the city. This one will be performed on Via Laietana, where people dressed up and disguised as devils, surrounded by dragons and beasts, will be running carrying bangers and spitting fire everywhere. This is a MUST if you have never seen it before! It will start at 20.15h; so be ready… 😉



Beside these activities and shows, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, exactly at 22h; a magical spectacle of fireworks will be done next to Olimpic Port.

If you are next to the beach or in our solarium, you will be able to enjoy this particular fire-show in a privileged area; even though you’ll see them closer if you are next to the coast line.



On the other hand, if you want to see a light projection show, you could do it going to Plaça Sant Jaume, where every night from the 19th until the 24th included, starting at 20.15h and every half an hour; a projection will be displayed on the façade of the City Hall.



As a closing act for La Mercè festivityon Wednesday the 24th, the Pyromusical will be displayed next to Plaça Espanya, just facing the Magic Fountains of Montjuïc Mountain. Hurry up! Because even if it starts at 22h, there will be people in the area since sooner, in order to get the best places!



This is just a little part of all the things that you can do in Barcelona during the whole week!

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Hope to see you around there! 🙂