In one week starts the Carnival!

The Carnival word has its origin in the Latin “Carnelevarium”, whose meaning is “bye to meat”. It consists of eating all products (principally meat) that they couldn’t eat during the following forty days of Catholic Lent. This is the reason why each year, the Carnival is celebrated in a different date, although normally is in February. In the majority of the places, this year starts from Thursday 27th February to Wednesday 5th March. In Catalonia, we invite you to know the Barcelona, Sitges and Costa Brava Carnival!

Barcelona Carnival is characterized for carrying out events in several neighbourhoods of the city with loads of parade floats, costumes, music and typical food. In the last edition, the main was Poble Nou Carnival.

Sitges is a small town situated just 35 km from Barcelona. If you stay in our hotel you have some options to go to Sitges, it could be by car, by bus or by train. And it takes just thirty minutes. Sitges Carnival has more than 100 years of history and it is famous for its dances, floats, creative costumes and parade floats with a lot of participantsMoreover, during these days tourists eat “xatonades”, a typical salad of the area which has lettuce, cod and “romesco” sauce. Wednesday will be the sardine funeral, this quite strange tradition represents the end of the Carnival. People make a parody of a funeral and after all they burn a figure in the shape of sardine.

Roses Carnival (Costa Brava) is an amazing perfomance where participate a crowd of people by the streets. According the studies, this event dates from at least 1616. If you like traditional Carnival with typical identity, Roses is your ideal place.

Do you already have your Carnival costumes? If you are a funny person and keen on meeting people, Catalonia Carnival will not disappoint you! Book now in our hotel and don’t miss them!