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Sant Jordi legend and the dragon

The legend says that there was a dragon living in Montblanc (Catalonia). Everybody was very angry with the dragon because he was eating all animals and the people got more and more hungry. But the tragedy started when the dragon finally ate all the animals and there were no more meals for him, what did he do? Finally he started to eat people…

The desperate of the king was increasing and he had to make any decision to stop the tragedy. He ordered to the strongest men to kill the dragon but the dragon ate them all. One day, the dragon chose the princess as a victim and the fear invaded upon the king. At that moment San Jordi came to the town saying that he was the man who is going to defeat the dragon.


7fdb9fecf910Sant Jordi came to the dragon’s cove and started the fight. Trying to overcome dragon’s fire and furios, Sant Jordi finally could nail his sword into his heart and few minutes after the dragon was died. At the dragons place a rose was born and Sant Jordi decided give it to the princess.

Since then this story became a legend and every year on 23th of April Barcelona is plenty of roses and books. The tradition is that every boy has to give a rose to a girl and the girl has to give a book to the boy. It’s quite interesting visit the city these days because everybody is outside celebrating Sant Jordi’s day.