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L’ou Com Balla – The Egg, how it Dances (The Tradition)

Does your country have a special tradition that is celebrated the day of Corpus Christi? Here in Barcelona, the fountains of church gardens and courtyards all around the city are decorated with a variety of fruits and flowers.

On the water spout of the fountain, a hollow egg is placed. The egg is first drained and the hole sealed so that only the egg shell remains. As the water moves, it appears as if the egg dances above the fountain. Surprisingly, the egg keeps afloat, balanced on the spout of water!

There are various debates as to what the egg represents, some say the rebirth of Christ, however, the exact origin of the celebration remains a mystery. One thing that is certain is that the tradition has been celebrated here in Barcelona for centuries, with recorded dates as early as the 15th century!


Where and When?

L’ou com balla is celebrated 60 days after ¨The Sunday of Resurrection¨, the day of Corpus Christi. This year, 2015, it will be displayed in cathedrals around Barcelona from the 4-7th of June.

The most famous show takes place in the Cathedral of Barcelona. Other popular sites include Claustro Iglesia Santa Anna, Claustro Basílica Purísima Concepción, Claustro Monasterio Pedralbes and more!




Take a peek at this link; here you may find the exact locations and addresses of churches that participate in the event  with a map included! Also, there is additional information about the history of the event as well as other photos if you are interested in reading a little more!.

If you are planning on staying with us here at Arc la Rambla this June we can always give you more information about this celebration and other exciting events happening in the city upon your arrival!