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Joan Miro’s Barcelona

Barcelona is worldwide known for its art, and its most famous artist is Antoni Gaudí. Everybody associates Barcelona with Gaudí, but there are many other great artists sometimes eclipsed with Gaudi’s shadow, like Joan Miró. Barcelona offers an interesting route around Miro’s works, of which I will give you a little preview.

The Museum ‘Fundació Joan Miró contains the biggest and most important public collection of Miro’s work with more than 217 paintings and 179 sculptures among the more than 14.000 pieces in exposition. It is located in Montjuic, from which is also possible to have a great view of the city from the heights.

Miró’s work is not only confined to museums, he also used his hometown as a Canvas. In the ‘Joan Miró Park’ it is possible to see one of his most famous sculptures, ‘Dona I Ocell’ (Woman and Bird), with more than 22 meters height and bright colors it is for sure his most famous sculptures in Barcelona.


In case you would like to enjoy Miró’s works and incidentally the other masterpieces located in Barcelona, just book a flight, come to the Hotel Arc La Rambla and get ready to enjoy. The connection between the hotel and Miró is that in las Ramblas, besides being the heart of the city, there is the ‘Pla de l’Os’, a mosaic created by Miró, which is unknown for some and admired for many others.

Just a quick tip: When arriving to Barcelona by airplane, don’t forget to see Miro’s 9×5 meters mosaic in the entrance of terminal 2 of the airport.

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