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Castellers: one of the top Catalan traditions


castellers_de_vilafrancaCastellers or mostly known as a “human tower” are recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. From oldest to the youngest one, a lot of people take part in building of this human castle. The strongest people (usually men) are on the floor and some other people are supporting the lower part of the tower. Then the other members start to climb up on their backs creating a new level, and a new one, and a new one…

You will guess when the human tower is finished because the “enxaneta”, who is the youngest member of the team, has to raise his/her hand and then they can all start to descend. The youngest member is only 6-7 years-old and also wears a protection helmet, what is a mandatory for their security.

During the Castellers there is always a band playing some catalan music that accompany the rhythm of the buidling. There are some competitions around Catalonia and they are used to take place on holidays. You can find different kind of castellers differentiated by their t-shirt color. It’s really an impressive performance!