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Calçots’ time!

Do you know what the calçots are? We explain you briefly what does it mean and keep your eyes open – the season is about to close end up.

The calçots are the key product of Catalan gastronomy, a variety of onions whose name is “onion late of Lleida”. They are common in all Catalonia, mainly in the inland of the region during 3 months from January to April. Its origins start in the 19th century, when once a country man had cooked calçots and by inadvertence burned it.  And when he peeled the calçots it was a… surprise! He discovered a delicious taste in its interior!


The calçotada is the Catalan party where people eat calçots. They are made over grills, until the external layers are black. Therefore, they are taken in groups of thirty calçots (more or less), and are covered with newspapers during thirty minutes to keep temperature… and they are ready to be eaten! It is a little bit complicated for eating, but when you learn the technic you couldn’t stop! You have to peel the external layers and dip them in romesco sauce. Normally, each person eats between ten and twenty calçots, accompanied by meat or Catalan sausage, the “butifarra”. 


In Barcelona, you will have the option to taste this typical food in several restaurantsCan Travi NouBalmes/RossellóEl Jardí de l’ÀpatCan VadorCan Manel (Sants)Cal PinxoQuinabarra!Can PortellLa Dolceta 2 …

We give you an advice… put a bib and clean your hands when you finish of eating, your hands will be absolutely black! Enjoy your meal! 😛